Honeymoon Planning
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What tips and ideas do people have for planning a honeymoon and avoiding any problematic situations?

I found this article online which had some good ideas: in particular liked the point on making sure your documents are updated. That could become a problem if you decide to take your husbands surname and could cause some confusion.

Making sure your desired destination is honeymoon appropriate and familiarising yourself with the culture there is also recommended. 

Does anyone else have any good tips on planning a honeymoon? Please let me know, thanks

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Posted on: 04/14/2014
to plan your honeymon you can have take advise from trip organizers...just suggest them destination and date on which you are planing to go, they will arrange all thingslike your air tickets,hotels and conducted guide tour..it is also not very costly, you will find this best.
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Posted on: 02/12/2014
Nice tips, 
I am going to married in march and going to mauritius for my honeymoon, I like the services of  http://www.ido.mu., so i have selected them for my honeymoon too.