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joined: 07/30/2013
Hey girls! So I fell in love with a dress last night online. It's a fitted trumpet style. I've recently lost about twenty pounds and would like to lose at least another twenty, maybe more. 
The consultant who helped me said they could always take a dress down two sizes (and I think roughly 1 size = 10 pounds). I love the dress and want to order it, but do you think I should wait a few more months so maybe it'll be a more accurate size? My wedding is not until next August.
Any input or anyone with experience with sizing dresses down are very appreciated! 

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joined: 09/10/2015
Posted on: 12/02/2015
Maybe one day or a half day,it depends on your require.
If you want to make your  simple wedding dress size down,it will cost a little time .Because it easy to make.But if the simple wedding dresses is instead of by mermaid bridal dress ,it will cost much more time.
So ,,,it depends....The best way is to buy a new one or find a better tailor.
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joined: 07/02/2014
Posted on: 08/12/2014
Just seacrh in your local market and if you find that dress at low price then it would be very good and iof you nit find that dress in local market .. try to search online for that dress!!!
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joined: 12/24/2013
Posted on: 01/02/2014
You can aorder the dress when you like that dress and you can cut it down to fix at your size at the time of your wedding. Somemtimes such wonderful wedding dresses get sold soon better you can buy and keep it for your wedding.